In the month of May, a friend Wayne organised a May Poetry Writing Month, which is exactly what it sounds like. A bunch of people in a Facebook group write a poem a day for the month of May, and should they succeed, each person will have managed to write 31 poems by the end of … Continue reading


Small World

A/N: I had a legitimate dream about a scene like this. Woke up, felt inspired. Did the dumbest thing I could do in that moment, which was to write a fictional story out of it. Disclaimer: None of the names are real?!?! Duh “Have you heard? Soo has a girlfriend!” I slammed my Economics textbook … Continue reading

Author’s Note on ‘After Midnight’

For those who have read the story, you must have a lot of questions! Well here’re some FAQs (that were never asked) (and aren’t even questions) (well, most of them) : How do you know they’re called Hugo and Hanna? I don’t! They are purely fictional characters. Hugo WEAVING and Hanna TAYLOR. Was this intentional? Hehehahahoho YES. … Continue reading

After Midnight

Author’s note: can be found here! Credit: All images used in this post belong to the incredibly talented Ellen Lee, who didn’t draw them because I was writing a story; I wrote a story because she drew them. Disclaimer: ‘After Midnight’ is actually a song by blink-182 whom, unfortunately, I am not affiliated with. Yes, this story … Continue reading

The Secret Within These Walls

Author’s Note: This isn’t actually the story I promised in my previous post, but since it’s already done, why not post it here? This story was written over a span of two days on my school’s examination pad when I had nothing to do after I finished my test papers. Dear reader, Before I continue, … Continue reading

Just So You Know

I HAVE STARTED WRITING AGAIN. Writing, as in, really writing. And I know how cute it is that my previous post promising a new story soon was dated in February, but it’s the holidays now, and I promise, I will work on my current story (currently at 3k words) and finish it before school reopens. … Continue reading